Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Bangalore, Mindcom Consulting Service Pvt Ltd is a niche consulting firm specializing in the enterprise resource planning (ERP), market for mid-sized companies across the globe.

Mindcom helps firms evaluate and select ERP software, manage the implementation of the software, and facilitate all related organizational changes to assure that each of its clients realize the full business benefits of the ERP Services & Implementation. We minimize ERP risk, accelerate implementation progress, and increase the success and value of your ERP initiatives.

We have leveraged our deep experience and entrepreneurial history to partner with innovative organizations bringing fresh ideas and investment to the work space.

Our corporate background allows us to carefully identify and partner with select organizations. This engagement – including the guidance, resources and new technologies we provide – enables them to dramatically transform their day-to-day operations, improve efficiency and increase profitability. We are currently a centre-of-excellence for many of our long-term enterprise clients. Often acting as an extension of their development teams, we have built a flexible, quick-to-scale delivery team with a unique blend of process-centric talent management. We provide a strategic technology partnership that brings to the table our wealth of experience in heavy data technologies, along with calculative, inventive solutions.

In today’s high-paced and evolving environment for continuous innovation and monetization, organizations are looking for opportunities to setup and leverage business plan and highly efficient team for a variety of reasons:

  • Global talent pool
  • Accelerated Innovation
  • Access to local markets
  • Higher levels of productivity
  • Optimization of R&D costs